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Detroit: For-Profit Charters Minimize Risk At Expense Of Poor, Minorities?

A recent study (PDF) of Detroit’s charter school locations and competition techniques by for-profit charter school operators provides chilling insight into the potential marginalization of African-American students who live in high-poverty areas. Released in October and written by Christopher Lubienski of the University of Illinois and Charisse Gulosino of Brown University, the paper outlines the tactics of educational management organizations (EMOs) that operate for-profit charter schools using a geo-spatial and temporal analysis of EMO charter openings.

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Breaking News: CCS To Eliminate Middle Schools?

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CEA Stands in Solidarity With SWEA

200px-solidarnosc.pngThe Columbus Education Association Board of Governors unanimously passed a resolution at their most recent meeting, expressing strong support of the struggle of members of the South Western Education Association (SWEA) members to obtain a fair contract from their Board of Education for their members.

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