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OEA President Frost-Brooks: Charters Need More Than Money

Copyright Brian Fenstermacher.From today’s Dispatch…

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute’s Chester E. Finn Jr. acknowledged grave shortcomings of charter schools in Ohio (“How to boost Ohio’s charter schools,” Forum, Dec. 11). But these schools are not just “mediocre,” as Finn concedes; 60 percent of the charter schools in the state’s largest urban districts are in academic emergency or academic watch.

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Columbus City School Roundup: 12/24-12/28

Copyright Bryan FenstermacherStudents in CCS are now safer on their buses, thanks to a new checks performed on school-bus drivers.

“Whoa!” says the Dispatch editorial board in response to Dr. Harris’ district restructuring plan.

More column space is being spent examining the feasibility of Dr. Harris’ proposed plan; there is even a graph, too.

More on the potential elimination of middle schools in this article.

Middle schools and their potential elimination are the focus of yet another article.

The Board of Education bids farewell to a now-former member.

A CCS year-round recap here.

More about the photos appearing on this blog here.

Columbus City Schools Roundup: 12/17-12/21


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