File early for religious leave

Our contract ensures that teachers have the right to participate in their religious traditions. Section 702.11 of the contract allows teachers to be absent, with pay, for a maximum of three days to observe established religious holidays throughout the school year. This leave is not deducted from any other time off. Remember that a request for religious leave must be made in writing to the Department of Human Resources at least five school days prior to the holiday.

It takes discipline

The students are coming, and so is the need to have a plan to address discipline problems that may arise at your school. The Master Agreement specifies that your administrator, in consultation with the ABC, must create a discipline plan and put it in writing.

At schools where the principal is newly assigned, the discipline plan must be in place within ten days following the first day of student attendance. A school that has the same administrator from the previous year must have a discipline plan in place by the first day of student attendance. Failure to have a plan in place is subject to a grievance at Step 2 against the principal.

For more information, refer to Section 208.03 of the Master Agreement or call CEA at 253-4731.









Recess? When?

Don’t forget to determine your school’s recess policy. This must occur during the first two teacher workdays. CEA fought hard to preserve and clarify elementary recesses in the contract. Each school can decide whether to have one or two 15-minute student recesses per day. A change requires a secret ballot vote of the staff conducted by the FR. If you do not take a vote, the status quo from last year remains. CEA urges you not to give up your school’s recesses-our students need them. For full information, refer to Section 302.06 of the Addendum to the Master Agreement.